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Born in the south of France I grew up in an artistic environment where I could practice music (saxophone), drawing and modern jazz.

At seventeen I got a french baccalaureate with major Literature, English and Arts that opened the doors of the university.
So I got a BA Performing Arts: Cinema (cum laude) in Montpellier. After one year of practice English I continued my studies through a MA Cinema (magna cum laude) and a MSc Cultural Studies, Cinema (summa cum laude) in which I could work and analyze the universe of TV series. The following year I started a PhD Cultures and Societies in Europe, Cinema whose the theme was the construction of the narrative in TV shows and the link between the work and the viewer.

Three years later, in 2011, I put aside my thesis to join the ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques, Montpellier) Ipax Label Art school to renew the joys of artistic creation and to become a CG animator.

During my last and third year I co-directed a cartoon short movie called What The Fly !?

I updated my skills in 2019 following an Animschool winter term with the awesome Jorge Vigara.


Since 2014, I worked in studios like Cube Creative (Paris, France), Dwarf Animation Studio (Montpellier, France), MPC (London, UK), Mikros Animation (Montréal, QC), Framestore (Montréal, QC), On Animation Studios (Montréal, QC) or Folks (Montréal, QC).


Welcome on my website ;-)

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