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Universes and stories that I develop with

drawings, concepts and sketches.

  • "Sunshine" Project - The fantastic story of a little fish trying to capture a piece of the sun.

  • "Le Passeur" Project - The forbidden dance of a smuggler and a soul into the depths of Hell.


  • "L'enfant de la Lune" Project - A child deprived of sun adventures in the middle of the night

  • "Le Chat Noir" Project - A musician lacking inspiration crosses paths with a black cat.

  • "Little Red Riding Hood" Project - What if the bad guy is not who you think ?

  • "Dame Hiver" Project - The adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

  • "La Languedocienne" Project - The adventures of a young woman and her dog in the landscape of Languedoc Roussilon.

  • "Entre deux Portes" Project - A love story between two english handles..

  • "Man of Tomorrow" Fanfilm - In 2012 I joined the project of Hugues Puyau entitled "Man of Tomorrow". This fanfilm is about the early days in Metropolis of Clark Kent aka. the future Superman. I designed the mothership of the villain of the film, Darkseid. Here are some preparatory concepts...

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