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writing the script with the team, I tried to develop some ideas of different characters to imagine and understand them : well, I worked on the two little flies, Mouche and Moucheline, and the talented Rim Khayat (her FB page) was responsible of Oscar the lizard. This is some of my sketches and my development.

We wanted to create characters as cute as Tweety and Jerry : we studied a large number of references from those old cartoons and kept many recurring items. I imagined Fly & Moucheline like two stuffed animals, two large bags with big eyes. I used some phrases Steve Carell to build and fly his side lover determined but a little awkward. For Moucheline I am inspired by Disney Princesses (the lock of hair to the very ample lyricism) and divas capricious, beautiful and unbearable like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus.

I worked ColorScript to create an explosion of color: I studied the colors of the cartoons and some painters as Hervé Di Rosa. I was able to enlarge my palette while maintaining a certain simplicity and playing with lighting opera's codes. The characters pass through paintings symbolizing their mindset. A menacing shadow game or light particles support these emotions.

Then, Remy Herissé (his web site) and I worked on concepts art by following the guidelines of the storyboard of Pascaline de Santis, his Luma Script and My Color Script to create the final atmospheres of some key scenes. This is my works.

Finally, after working for weeks on the animation part with Matthieu Maillet and Joris Chapelin, I was in charge of the film compositing, applying the colors, the play of light (spotlight, suit, light shower, etc.), vfx (fog, particles, explosion,etc.),  a lot of other funny stuffs.

So now, watch our trailer on the website of What The Fly !? and enjoy !!

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